We have various sizes. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Our program covers:

  • seamless steel cylinders

    capacity from 1 ltr. up to 67 ltr.;

    pressure tested up to 300 bar

  • Welded cylinders

    capacity from 14,3 ltr. up to 127 ltr.;
    pressure tested up to 46,5 bar;
    in ordinary steel cylinders, stainless steel cylinders or
    aluminum cylinders

  • Welded drums

    capacity from 400 ltr. up to 1000 ltr.;
    pressure tested up to 250 bar;
    in ordinary steel drums and stainless steel drums

  • Chemical container

    Plastic canister with capacity from 10 ltr. up to 60 ltr.;
    230 ltr. iron drum