Technical Support

Safe solution & Full range service

As expert in liquefied gases' industry, we exactly know sales is only step one in the whole supply process.

Our Engineering and Sales Team pay more attention to providing clients with a full range of professional services, e.g. gas heating methods' construction, installation, special gas regulation consulting, supervision and maintenance of instruments etc..

With our know-how and experience, we are a dependable partner for you. Technical service, planning, construction, installation and application of special equipment, consulting, supervision and maintenance, delivery and disposal service for refrigerants, gases, heat carriers and ion exchange resins: we are the experts. 

We can do a lot for you. Just try us.

  • Plant construction
  • Recycling, destruction and consulting
  • Technical service

Plant construction is constantly evolving to accommodate our product range 

As we have supplied the market with liquefied gases for more than a century, we have gained considerable know-how in the handling of gases. Now this leads us to a step further.

In the past, our customers involved us in their demands-not only for molecules, but also how to get those molecules to the point of use. This covers transport, storage and the in-house supply.

Now our role is not just being advisory, we also install equipment independently.

We insist that quality control, standards and safety are the most important aspects of the whole gas supply.

Planning, construction and installation, consulting, supervision and maintenance are tasks in respect of liquefied gases, for which our team of technicians and engineers are very glad to be at our customer's service.

Recycling, destruction and consulting

We offer competent consultation for the professional, optimizing the economic, individual solution to our customer's problems.

We recycle or destruct used gases according to national and international regulations.

Providing clients with professional technical support and safe solution is and will always be our core value.

Containers' testing Pressure tests, inner surface test, repairs, assembling and equipping containers based on requirement.

Support Support in all questions of handling, logistics and storage of gases.

Special equipment Consulting in questions of materials and fittings.

Materials Special valves, pressure regulators, emergency equipment, salvage containers and more.